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Online Chlorination and Dechlorination Analyzers Performance Evaluation Report

ITA's Board member, Jeremy Boyce of Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, in Northern California, has allowed ITA to publish their in-house test of online chlorine residual and dechlorination analyzers. 


The ITA member utility performed field tests of three online chlorine residual analyzers and two online dechlorination (sulfite) analyzers at their wastewater treatment facility in 2004.  Sacramento Regional used ITA's PER90CL-005 Chlorine Residual Analyzer Performance Evaluation Report's test protocol to evaluate instrument calibration, response time, loss of sample and point drift. 


Sacramento Regional did a fantastic job of collecting very labor-intensive data and documenting test procedures, test results and formulating a comparative summary of instrument performance.  The new ITA test report can be used by wastewater treatment plants to assist in making decisions for specifying and selecting chlorination and dechlorination analyzers.  ITA would like to thank and acknowledge Jeremy Boyce and the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment plant for making their test report available to the industry.


The new ITA test report is priced at $250 for members and $450 for non-members. 


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ITA PER04CL-006 Test Report

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This test reports presents results of three online total chlorine residual analyzers and two online dechlorination analyzers field-tested in a wastewater treatment plant environment over a period of three months utilizing amperometric and gas detection technologies supplied by three different manufacturers.  The Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District, Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, in Elk Grove, California, sponsored and conducted this test.  This report provides an overview of performance test procedures, outlines instrument specifications and includes test results for instrument calibration, loss of sample, response time, point drift and interference (for dechlorination). Instruments evaluated in this test report include: 



Total Chlorine Residual Analyzers 

Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI) A15/79 

Severn Trent Aztec CL 1000 

Wallace & Tiernan Micro 2000 



Dechlorination Analyzers 

Analytical Technology, Inc. (ATI) A15/66 

Wallace & Tiernan Deox 2000  

150 pages


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Summer 2006