Development of ITA’s Instrument Database Begins

Summer 2006

ITA staff are currently in the process of programming the member requested online instrumentation database. The

ITA online instrument database is envisioned to provide end-users with a resource listing of manufactured online instrumentation used in water and wastewater treatment applications.  The ITA instrument database was conceived to allow the end-user to compare numerous manufactured instrument specifications to assist in the decision making process for specifying and selecting instruments. 


The large amount of information for each instrument will be contained in multiple linked tables within the ITA instrument database structure. This is intended to give the end-user the flexibility to view and search on the fields that are most important to their  application.  A sample of what a database search would look like is shown in Figure 1 displaying one part of the Master Table of General Instrumentation Specifications linked with Manufacturer Contact Information.

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Figure 1—Sample Master Table of General Instrumentation Specifications Linked with Table of Manufacturer Contact Information


ITA members will be able to access the instrument database as part of their membership.  Non-member affiliates will be able to access the database at a fee.  In addition, ITA manufacturer members will be able to list their instruments as part of their membership and non-member affiliate manufacturers will be able to list their instruments for a fee.


Currently, programming of the database project is in preliminary stages and a prototype is being developed to be beta tested in the near future.   Look for future Online Instrumentation Database updates! Contact ITA if you have questions or would like to assist with this project.