Ammonia Analyzers
Online Ammonia Analyzers for Water and Wastewater Treatment Applications   Performance Evaluation Report


This test report presents results of eight online ammonia analyzers field-tested in a wastewater secondary activated sludge aeration basin (using raw influent) conducted over a period of three months at the City of Houston's Beltway Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

Ammonia analyzers utilizing ion-selective electrode (ISE), colorimetric, and
ultraviolet (UV) absorbance, were supplied by eight different manufacturers.  This report provides an overview of performance test procedures, outlines instrument specifications and includes performance test results in graphical and statistical formats and provides detailed ammonia analyzer specification and cost information.  Instruments evaluated in this test report include:

Ammonia Analyzers 
ASA, Inc., ChemScan 2150 NH3-N (UV)
Bran + Luebbe 90 S (ISE)
Danfoss Analytical Evita Insitu (Colorimetric)
FPM Analytics IonChem 2005 Ammonia (ISE)
Hach Company APA 6000 NH3-N (ISE)
Waltron Ltd. uAl-8232 Ammonia Monitor (ISE)
WTW Measurement Systems, Inc. TresCon BA43111e02 NH4-N (ISE) Zellweger Analytics Z polymetron 8810 Ammonia (ISE)  

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