ITA Instrumentation Specification Database Features
ITAs instrumentation specification database provides a listing of manufactured instruments and automation equipment used in water and wastewater treatment applications.  ITAs instrument database provides the end-user with a one-stop venue for searching and comparing the various manufactured instrument specifications.  Instrument database listings include general technical specifications, operations & maintenance requirements, electrical components, installation and safety considerations, and cost data for purchase and operations.

ITA would like to acknowledge that the ITA Instrument Specification Database Project was made possible by the annual membership dues received from ITA members and the research contributions provided by:

  • Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, and

  • Dr. Richard Furness of JDF & Associates, Flow Research Expert.

The following information provides descriptions and screen shots of ITAs Instrument Database Features.

Getting Started - Database Registration and Login

Instrument Database Menu

Specification Fields

Search Capabilities

Compare Feature

Data Output Options

Getting Started - Database Registration and Login

To access the ITA Instrument Specification Database you will need to register and subscribe.  Current ITA members are already registered and their subscription is included with their annual membership dues.  Please click here to learn more about registering and subscribing.



Database Login


Once you are registered and subscribe you will be assigned a Username and Password.  Use your Username and Password to log-in to the ITA Instrument Database as shown below. 


Database Login


Instrument Database MenuAfter successful login you will be directed to the ITA Instrument Specification Database Menu.  Here you can use drop-down menus to select any type of instrument or equipment.  

Instrument Database Specification FieldsUpon selection of a specific instrument in the instrument database menu, you will be directed to the database instrument specification fields.  More than 40 instrument specification fields are listed in a vertical format and are alternately highlighted in color for ease in viewing direct specification comparisons.  The following example displays the first few rows of five different instruments but you can select the number of instruments per page you would like to view.

Specification Field Definitions

Each instrument specification field definition can be viewed by hovering over the question mark symbol (?) located to the left side of the specification field name.  The definition will appear in a pop-up window.


Sorting Specification Fields

Clicking on a specification field name sorts the selected instruments to be sorted by the specification field in either ascending or descending order as indicated by a small up or down arrow that appears next to the field name.

Search Capabilities The search capabilities of the database are extensive.  On the View page, a simple search feature with a drop down menu is available.  This feature allows one field to be searched throughout the database.

Advanced Search

The advanced search feature allows multiple specification field searches.

Comparison Feature

After an instrument search is completed, a compare feature can be used to narrow the view of specifications for up to five selected instruments so that direct comparisons can be made.

Data Output OptionsThe ITA Instrument Specification Database provides data export options to a printer, Excel spreadsheet or Word document.

Excel Output

Word Output