ITA Membership Application
Our members include water, wastewater and industrial treatment professionals from around the world and include treatment plant operators, managers, electricians, instrument technicians, engineers, researchers, consultants, regulatory officials, and manufacturers.  Learn More about the benefits of ITA membership.

Select your membership type from a list of our five member categories.  

Public and Private Utilities

Industrial Facilities 



Other (Academic, Non-profit, Regulatory)

Order an ITA Annual Membership through PayPal using your credit card or order by fax by downloading an Adobe Acrobat file of ITAs Membership Application Form. 

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Public and Private Utilities

Public/Private Utilities

Based on utility service population.

Less Than 100,000   $255.00

100,000 to 200,000   $510.00

200,000 to 300,000   $760.00

300,000 to 400,000   $1015.00

400,000 to 500,000   $1265.00

500,000 to 600,000   $1520.00

600,000 to 700,000   $1770.00

700,000 to 800,000   $2025.00

800,000 to 900,000   $2280.00

900,000 to 1 Million   $2530.00

Greater Than 1 Million   $3800.00


Individual Utility Member   $95.00

Employed by a Utility Member

Industrial Facilities

Industrial Facilities

Based on the number of corporate treatment facilities.

One Treatment Facility   $820.00

Two to Five Plants   $1200.00

More than Five Plants  $1580.00


Individual Industrial Member   $95.00

Employed by an Industrial Member


Consultant and Manufacturer Representatives

Based on corporate size.

Less than Five Employees  $315.00

Five to Twenty Employees  $630.00

Twenty to Fifty Employees  $950.00

Fifty to 100 Employees  $1265.00

100 to 150 Employees  $1900.00

More than 150 Employees  $2530.00


Individual Consultant Member   $95.00

Employed by a Consultant Member



Based on annual gross sales.

Less than 1 Million  $950.00

One to Three Million  $1770.00

Three to Five Million  $3165.00

Five to Ten Million  $3800.00

Ten to Twenty-Five Million  $5695.00

Twenty-Five to Fifty Million  $6325.00

Fifty to 100 Million  $7590.00

More than 100 Million  $8855.00


Individual Manufacturer Member   $95.00

Employed by a Manufacturer Member

Other Organizations (Academic, Non-profit, Regulatory)

Academic, Non-Profit & Regulatory 

Academic Organization  $275.00

Non-Profit Organization  $275.00

Regulatory Agency  $1100.00