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"The Instrumentation Testing Association (ITA) is a unique resource, dedicated solely to the testing and validation of wastewater monitoring instrumentation.   Weyerhaeuser has been a sponsoring member of ITA since 1996.  ITA performs field testing of wastewater monitoring instrumentation, maintains an instrument specification database, and conducts instrument performance and maintenance testing under field conditions. 

No other organization does this type of practical point-of-use testing for wastewater instrumentation.  The resulting information offers an unbiased assessment of instrument operation, accuracy, and maintenance.  ITA information has been helpful for previous mill questions about on-line measurement of pH, dissolved oxygen, flow, oxidation-reduction potential, ammonia, phosphorous, and BOD/COD."

Phil Pagoria P.E., Ph.D Wastewater Treatment Engineer Weyerhaeuser NR Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability, Highland Park, IL

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     BOD5:TOC Correlation Study

Addressing BOD5 Limitations Through TOC Correlations

ITA teamed with member utilities from the Town of Quispamsis, the City of Winnipeg, the City and County of San Francisco and Dr. Krishna Pagilla of Illinois Institute of Technology to demonstrate a long-term correlation of the 5-day biochemical oxygen demand, BOD5 and to the chemical oxygen demand, COD to Total Organic Carbon, TOC. 

ITAs research team has developed an international investigation of five treatment facilities of various flows, treatment technologies and climates to correlate BOD5 to TOC and BOD5 to COD and CBOD5 to TOC.   This TOC correlation study identifies long-term practices of utilizing TOC as a process control parameter-specifically to monitor the removal of organics in a wastewater treatment process and the utilization of carbon balances.  This study also demonstrates a statistically significant BOD5:TOC correlation to allow a TOC limit to be substituted for a BOD5 limit in permits.  Additionally, an implementation protocol is also provided to help guide wastewater treatment plants in developing a site-specific TOC:BOD5 correlation.

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Online Chlorination and Dechlorination Analyzers
This test report presents results of three online total chlorine residual analyzers and two dechlorination analyzers field-tested at the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, in Northern California. Online analyzers used to measure residual chlorine and sulfite concentrations used for control and monitoring of the wastewater treatment plant's effluent disinfection and dechlorination processes were tested in real-time conditions over a period of three months. Instrument technologies evaluated include amperometric and gas detection and were manufactured by ATI, Severn Trent and Wallace & Tiernan.  Order your copy of the newest CL2 and SO2 test report now.

ITA Completes Online Nitrate Analyzer Test Report 
As part of a Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) project, ITA field-tested five online nitrate analyzers utilizing in-situ ultraviolet (UV) technologies.  ITA completed the final report in June 2006 which includes examination of global nitrogen control strategy practices, results of a wastewater plant nitrogen monitoring and control survey, case study investigations and comparative field-test results of online nitrate analyzers.  The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC WASA) provided in-kind support and services for the research project field-test which was conducted at Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant in Washington, D.C. For more information about this project (WERF Project 03-CTS-8) email WERF or contact us.  To view a summary of the report click the following links:

WERF Nitrogen Project Synopsis - Research Background and Approach

WERF Nitrogen Project Synopsis - Surveys and Case Studies

WERF Nitrogen Project Synopsis - Field Tests

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